Stay Focused and Productive with Timers
Power Up Your Workday with FocusBox Timers and achieve more everyday.

Use our online timers to break your workday into manageable chunks and maintain focus throughout your tasks.

FocusBox Timers: Stay Focused and Boost Productivity

Benefits of Using FocusBox Timers

Enhance Your Productivity with FocusBox Timers

Setting Up and Customizing Your Timers

Task Duration

Set the desired duration for each new task added.

Increase / Decrease Timer

Increase or decrease the duration without modifying the initial time.

Initial Time

Easily change the initial time per task using the duration input field per each task.

Customize Duration

Deeply Focus on your Tasks

Reset Timer

Reset the current timer of the current task to the initial duration.

Time Spent

Visualize the time spend on each task until the task is completed.

Total/End Time

View the total time and end time of the tasks in progress.

Enhance concentration towards daily tasks.

FocusBox is a powerful productivity tool that helps you take control of your time using Tasks, Pomodoro Timers, Ambient Sounds and Insights to help you work smarter, not harder.

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