FocusBox: Boost Productivity with ADHD-Focused Tools

Designed with ADHD in mind, FocusBox helps you get your tasks done with powerful tools like Pomodoro Timers, Ambient Sounds and Timeboxing. Find your focus and breeze through your to-do list.

Boost Your Productivity using

Features you'll love

Increase the quantity or quality of tasks completed within a given time period

Enhance concentration towards daily tasks.


Set countdown for each task, increase or decrease duration.

Task Design

Effortless Task Design with FocusBox.


Celebration mode

Celebrations - The Power of Positive Reinforcement.

Elevate Your Focus and Take Control of Your Time with FocusBox's Powerful Productivity Platform

Pomodoro Timers

Best Todo App for Work


Set alarms to notify you with audio and visuals when a task is over.

Ambient Sounds

Choose background noise for each task from rain, beach or others.


Set Sound Reminders to Stay on Track with your Tasks.

Simplify Your To-Do List and Overcome Procrastination

Your online chronometer

Best Timeboxing App

Predefined Templates

Choose from multiple predefined templates, edit and load in daily tasks.


Discover insights: completed tasks, time spent, task interactions etc.


Integrate seamlessly with your favourite To-Do apps and services.

FocusBox helps you get started

Can't focus on your tasks for more than 5-10 minutes?Procrastinate over the things you want to achieve?Do you miss a lot of opportunities while losing a lot of time on useless things?

Focus on tasks

FocusBox steers you in the right direction.
Helps focus on the tasks that are most important.

Get FocusBox

You to organize your work and more things done.
You become focused, organized and calm.




5x Increase
Delivery Speed


+70% More
Deep Focus

“Using FocusBox, I’ve seen a +50% increase in personal productivity, improved my focus to finish daily tasks, and had the most productive days by tackling one thing at a time.”

Deliver more with pomodoro timers

FocusBox is a powerful productivity tool that helps you take control of your time using Tasks, Pomodoro Timers, Ambient Sounds and Insights to help you work smarter, not harder.

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